Workshops will be held by Gastón Godoy (Arg) & Laura Atienza (Esp)
Professional Argentine Tango dancers and teachers also known as Gneración Tango. 

Gastón and Laura give regular classes in Andalusia, Spain.
They organize events to promote tango in the city where they live, Seville (Andalusia, Spain) and its surroundings.

They are the organizers and hosts of a regular milonga held in Seville for over 14 years “El Corazón de la Milonga” and the organizers of Argentine Tango Festival held in Seville Workshop Milonga Sevilla which celebrated it’s 7th Edition in February 2016.  




Gastón Godoy is Argentine tango teacher and choreographer.

He was born in Buenos Aires and studied Argentine dances, Latin American rhythms and acting.

Gaston started his career as dancer at the Great Argentine Ballet directed by maestro Miguel Angel Tapia. He was member of the Argentine National Theatre.

In 2000 he debuted his show “Le Tango” in the Royal Palace of Naples.

He performed as dancer in the show “Tango” by Julio Iglesias and he has travelled numerous countries participating in various festivals.He has also participated in numerous events and presentations in the mass media as well as in commercials.

Gastón Godoy  has had Alejandra Sabena, Eleonora Rosaminer and at the current moment Laura Atienza as partners.



Laura Atienza starts her artistic studies at the Higher Music Academy Manuel Castilla of Seville where she studied the career of piano during 7 years.

She received training in different dance styles like Jazz, Funky, Latin dances and ballroom dances.

In 2003 she started her professional training in Argentine tango and in 2005 became member  of the choreographic group “Tango Negro”.  As member of this troupe for five years she participated in various shows and festivals.

Since 2011 dances professionally as partner of Gaston Godoy.


GNERACION TANGO – artistic name for the couple formed by Gastón Godoy and Laura Atienza

Professional couple, teachers and performers of Argentine tango settled in Seville.



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Video from  1st  Tango Meeting in Tallin October, 2014


Video from Tarratangueando 02/08/2014